Mercedes-Benz Sales Events

Established in 1991 with corporate headquarters located in Louisville, Kentucky, J&L Marketing also has satellite offices across the country. Our mission is to provide our clients with proven innovative marketing concepts to offset today’s challenges.

We look forward to working with every Mercedes-Benz dealership.

  • Unmatched industry data analytics team with our bPreciseSM program
  • Unparalleled promotion organization and management
  • Effective creative and verbiage tailored to every campaign
  • Sales Atlas walks you through the entire program, providing you with best practices
  • Measurable results with complete reporting delivery system

The person who will be guiding you through this process will be your Business Growth Strategist. They are consulting with the dealerships of your area to ensure that your Winter Event is easy to begin, easy to conduct, and extremely profitable.

  • One-day sales event that is typically held on Saturdays.
  • Invite qualified previous customers and/or prospects in for a one day event with the focus of increasing dealership floor traffic.
  • Concentrate on moving new and CPO models while tying in the event to current Mercedes-Benz incentives.
  • Provide a Promotion Coordinator to facilitate the event.
  • Offer Mercedes-Benz logo premium and cash giveaway to boost responses.
  • Targeted emails boost responses and create excitement.
  • Personalized microsites created for every customer, which will generate leads prior to the event.
  • Use Lead Advantage to schedule all of your incoming appointments and to follow-up with unsolds.
  • Track responses and sales with the Response Analysis and 30-Day Sales Event Tracker report.

J&L Marketing will design your program, guide you through the process, and provide hands-on implementation to help you optimize the benefits from this program.

J&L has very clear goals when working with data.

  1. Be precise in identifying who will be interested in the offer
  2. Be precise in identifying who is most likely to respond to the offer
  3. Be precise in identifying who is most likely to produce the best ROI

The most precise way to predict the future is by researching the past. With J&L Marketing’s bPreciseSM program, predictive models are created that forecast each customer’s propensity to purchase by analyzing customers’ behaviors and profiles.

This analysis allows us to compare customer value and provide specialized offerings to customers. This highly targeted invitation or email to customers who want to be contacted about offerings that interest them benefits both the customer and you, and results in a much higher ROI.

What is a Conquest List?

  • Self-reported data
  • Not DMV-based
  • Not a predictive list

In addition to selecting targeted previous customers within your DMS, J&L Marketing will invite select Mercedes-Benz owners within your AOI who have never done business with you. J&L partners with select trustworthy vendors who collect actual year, make, and model from auto warranty and repair, auto service dealerships, online registrations and surveys as well as automobile insurance information. The databases are 100% Shelby and DPPA compliant and do not include information derived from any states’ Department of Motor Vehicles. Unlike predictor lists, the conquest names that we use are 98% accurate of actual year, make, and model. This means that we can identify 5 - 25% of all Mercedes-Benz owners within your AOI. No more than 25% of your entire mailing should target a conquest owner.

* Final creative has not been approved.

Targeted Email

  • Increase Event Response
  • Offers another channel of communication with customer
  • Highly targeted message decreases opt-outs
  • Rigorous adherence to CAN-SPAM legal standards eliminates worries of being blacklisted by your customers
  • Full reporting of campaign refines the next campaign
  • Emails will be sent four days prior to event

Dynamic microsites allow every customer to have their own personalized microsite at their own web address. This allows dealerships to generate and work leads and sell vehicles prior to the beginning of the event. Used to collect customer information including email, service preferences, purchase preferences, current vehicle, and mileage. Allows dealerships to update records as well as schedule appointments and follow-up.

During your event, you are going to want to meet with every prospective customer who has been attracted to your offer. With the massive increase in traffic, you will need the help of the reserves: the J&L Marketing Promotion Coordinator. Your PC is a J&L professional who goes through a vigorous education process, and is continually updated on new strategies and techniques. They act as an extension of your sales force: organizing the event, directing the flow of traffic, and compiling statistics for the Response Analysis Database.

One of our Promotion Coordinators will organize and lead your event, conduct a sales meeting, greet and survey customers, work with salespeople to track and analyze results, and maintain an upbeat and enthusiastic sales atmosphere.

So, even when your dealership receives more traffic than it is used to, our Promotion Coordinators will efficiently and effectively handle the traffic, making sure that you deal with the customers who are ready to buy.

The J&L Sales Atlas is your playbook of the best practices for your most successful sales event ever. Everyone must actively participate and contribute to the success of your event - let us show you how to involve them all!

The J&L Sales Atlas is compiled from interviews of dealer/managers who consistently produce outstanding results. Avoid direct marketing mistakes. Eliminate problems before they happen. Maximize your event’s potential!

Download a Sample Sales Atlas Page

Your Winter Event will bring in traffic by targeting customers who have a real want and need to purchase a vehicle now. We offer a virtual BDC, Lead Advantage, that will schedule appointments from incoming phone calls and visits to your personalized microsite as well as continue following the potential customer until they finally buy!

Within 24 hours our Lead Advantage Team will contact everyone who came into your dealership who didn’t buy and try to get them back! In fact, we’ve found that Lead Advantage can drastically increase the number of customers who did not buy to actually come back in. Imagine what that does to your closing percentage when you have a customer come back for a second opportunity.

Not only will you be contacted daily by our Lead Advantage manager, but you can also simply log in online 24/7 to view and update results yourself.

J&L is confident that our direct response campaigns will provide your dealership with a profitable and successful event. And, we offer several ways for you to track all of those responses and see the results for yourself.

J&L’s Response Analysis Database is the foundation of our research-compiling, tracking, and testing over 50,000 promotions. With this database, we are able to examine your marketing history, evaluate each aspect of your advertising from thousands of different perspectives, and fine-tune it all so that your ad dollars work harder.

Find out your true return on investment with the 30-Day Sales Event Tracker, a report that pulls data so you can see how many vehicles were sold from each marketing activity, what revenue was generated and more. This information is available online and updated weekly.

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